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IzyMail enables you to access webmail from major providers such as AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, Windows Live, Fastmail or Gmail with any eMail application.

Whether you want to use Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Evolution, iPhone, Palm PDA, Pocket PC, Smartphone or other applications, whether you want to automate eMail processing with rules or use advanced anti-virus or spam protection, IzyMail provides the technology you need.

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IzyMail is the solution to get Hotmail or other webmail onto your new iPhone. Just proceed to the easy-to-use setup instructions or latest news about IzyMail and the Apple iPhone.

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The IzyMail solution

Yahoo in Outlook

IzyMail acts as an intermediate protocol translator and boosts the functionality of your mailbox to a new level, it is compatible with any platform, any device and is available everywhere.


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Perfect for business and home use

Regardless whether you are a home user with a single computer or in a small home network, or whether you are responsible for an organizational's network, IzyMail is capable to accomodate your needs.

IzyMail extends the capabilities of freeware and shareware software like Eudora, Incredimail, TheBat, Outlook Express as well as full-featured applications like Microsoft Outlook.


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